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Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

I blog about our family lifestyle, arts and culture as well as product reviews. I write a large amount of theatre and day out reviews, which I absolutely love. Initially, it started off as an outlet for my thoughts on writing my first novel, The Moss Garden. After a year or so, it grew into […]

Mumble Mum

Mumble Mum

Pippa is a mum to two boys. And like most mums, she has to deal with the hard work of running a family. But being a mum is where the YouTuber gets most of her inspiration: “I cover all things parenting. The funny stuff, the boring stuff and everything in between! Having worked previously in […]

Twin Mummy and Daddy

Twin Mummy and Daddy

Emily Higgins started blogging after the birth of her twin girls. “My husband and I had IVF and during this time, I kept an online diary of our journey on a fertility forum. After the birth of our twins, I wanted to keep writing about our experiences so I transferred my diary entries onto the blog, […]



I have been writing ‘fake news’ since I produced my own spoof news magazines at high school. I set up WalesOnCraic in late August 2014, just before Cardiff hosted the NATO Summit. I began by posting spoof Welsh news stories and the first few weeks were hard and I had very little traffic. But I […]

DIY Daddy

DIY Daddy

“I started my blog three and a half years ago because I broke my wrist while working, which resulted in me being off work for six weeks. I got very bored and my wife suggested that I start a blog about parenting and DIY so I did – and it’s the best thing I ever […]

Mrs Helicopter

Mrs Heliocpter

I blog about feminism and parenting with a big dose of silliness. My goal is to talk about feminism in an inclusive and non-alienating way. I don’t want it to be labelled as an extremist ideology. I want it to feel approachable and not all man-hating, bra-burning poe-facedness. But also, I just really like to […]

Picture the Positive

Laura Picture Positive

Picture The Positive was created when I was struggling with my mental health. I needed something to focus on, and writing has always been a hobby of mine, so I decided to set up a personal blog to spearhead my recovery, and the more I wrote, the better I felt! Social Media is a fantastic […]

Welsh Mummy Blogs

Charlotte Harding blogger

I initially started blogging as a way in which to record my son’s growing up. I wanted to record all the great places we go and fun things we do. After a while, I noticed that people started to follow the blog over social media and that the posts that received the most likes or […]

Why your blog is not getting many visits


Problem: You’ve spent the best part of your afternoon writing and editing your latest blog post. You nervously hit ‘Publish’ and sit back to await the crowds that are going to throng to your site to read it. You wait. And wait. And wait. Eventually, defeated, you log out of your blog and make a […]

How my blog got me a book deal


I’d like to tell you a short story about how my blog helped me get a book deal. Yes, that’s right – with a proper publisher and all that. The point of this post is to highlight the fact that anything can happen when you start blogging. Back in 2012, I set up a blog called […]