Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

I blog about our family lifestyle, arts and culture as well as product reviews. I write a large amount of theatre and day out reviews, which I absolutely love.

Initially, it started off as an outlet for my thoughts on writing my first novel, The Moss Garden. After a year or so, it grew into a family lifestyle blog and has evolved from there.

I’ve been blogging on and off over 3 years, but during the past year I’ve put a lot more work into the blog and built up good relationships with brands, PR companies and other bloggers.

The hardest bit has been getting my blog seen in a world where there are so many blogs out there. It’s a challenge to stand out and I think it’s also hard pitching to brands and companies for reviews because you face rejection, but it does toughen you up!

My favourite blog posts are the theatre reviews, especially for shows that really touch me. On a personal level, I also like to blog about anything I’m passionate about, such as home education or equal rights.

Social media has been my way of reaching my audience – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the main ones. It’s sometimes a long and arduous job, but it’s worth it. I love people’s reactions, from the general public to the companies I work with. Receiving emails with praise and thanks is so awesome!

Looking ahead, I’d like to monetise my blog one day in the future, but for now I am focused on reviews and my own thoughts and ideas. I’d love it to be my future job, but right now I’m enjoying what I do. I’d love to work with more Cardiff based companies and small independent stores.

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