blog authority

If you’re running a blog, it’s likely that you’re creating content around your niche. It’s also likely that you have some knowledge of your chosen field which will allow you to speak with some authority.

Becoming an authority in your niche can help you gain respect from others and can also help you make money. Once you’re established, people will turn to you to speak on your subject; you can sell your skills and experience to those who need it. While you might not feel like an ‘expert’, you need to remember that you probably have a lot more knowledge than many others. As you add more content to your blog, your online authority will grow. It’ll take time, but here are four ways to do it.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Whether you like people or not, building relationships with others is a must if you are to become an authority. Whether it’s commenting, discussing and offering people advice on social media, or networking out in the real world, conversing with others does several things: it builds trust, which is essential if people are looking to buy off you; it allows you to develop ideas; it gives you the chance to help others with your skills and in return, a good relationship can benefit you too.

What’s In It For Them?

Try and look at your blog from the viewpoint of others. If you are looking to sell services or products, people are not going to part with their money unless they know that they are going to get good value for money. Very much like most people don’t like a pushy salesman, the last thing you want to do is go over the top with the sales pitch. In fact, the more free stuff you give away, the more likely that people will eventually buy off you. Why? Because people like to know what they’re getting. Giving away free stuff also triggers a feeling of reciprocity, especially if you’ve done well building your relationships.

Create Things That People Will Buy

When you create your own product, you’re showing your audience that you are established in your own field. Whether it’s a book/ebook or a course, people will want to buy the knowledge and experience that you can share. While you’re giving away free stuff, always have something that people will actually buy off you. If they like the stuff that you are giving away for free, it’s possible that they will then buy your paid-for products or services.

Build Your Audience

The bigger your audience, the more of an ‘influencer’ you’ll become. It’s also important that your audience isn’t just large for the sake of it. Keep it focused. Get to know members of your audience, build loyalty, interact with them, build your email list, keep giving them free stuff – become an authority that they can’t do without. People will look up to you and the more you do this, the more of an authority you will become. Using social media is a key tool to building your audience. Lead your new audience members off social media and onto your site, onto your mailings lists.


Becoming an authority can’t be done overnight but you’ll soon start seeing the benefits – you can build an income, a reputation and possibly even a career.


Patric Morgan is a multi-award-winning writer, publisher and social media expert. He is the author of How My Blog Got 1 Million Visits in 7 Months, which was the #1 blogging book on Kindle for 2 and a half years.