Mumble Mum

Mumble Mum

Pippa is a mum to two boys. And like most mums, she has to deal with the hard work of running a family.

But being a mum is where the YouTuber gets most of her inspiration:

“I cover all things parenting. The funny stuff, the boring stuff and everything in between! Having worked previously in TV, I’m pretty clued up as to how to create videos.

“I started my YouTube Channel in September last year. My first video was about going back to school so it was a do-now-or-never kind of moment. I had that point where I doubted what I was about to do. I asked myself ‘Who do I think I am?’. I’m glad I pushed the Publish button though as the video was viewed over 4 million times. Popular website NetMums picked it up and featured it and that first video gave me the confidence to do more.”

Pippa’s ideas are taken from her life as a mum:

“I thought I’d take the dry, boring subjects of life and turn them into videos that would entertain people. I started making them on my phone, editing them with iMovie. I have since bought a few things to add a more professional look, including a set of lights for £40 and for Christmas, my husband bought me a new lens for my DLSR camera.

“Running a vlog like this takes discipline. I try to aim for one video a week but of course, there are times when even that becomes a challenge. I aim for a specific target. I look for songs that I can parody. The songs I choose tend to have lots of words in them so I can add my own version. I get my backing tracks online and the I do it in the evening when no one needs me.

“In terms of the content, I pretty much decide what I feature. That’s one of the best parts of doing things for myself. One of the main things I’ve learnt since starting is the fact that I need to be very animated when I am on camera – almost over the top.

“For the moment, I’m happy just finding my feet. As long as my audience keeps growing, I’m happy to keep on making videos.

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