One thing you can do right now to get more Facebook ‘likes’

One thing you can do right now to get more Facebook likes

Getting Facebook likes is one of those

But think of it this way – why should someone like your Facebook page? What’s in it for them?

One tried-and-trusted technique that I’ve always used is simple but effective.

I’ll give you one example and it involves my Facebook page, WalesOnCraic.

In 2016, Wales (my team) were playing at the Euros. If you’re not familiar with the Euros, here’s what Wikipedia has to offer:

The UEFA European Championship (known informally as the Euros) is the primary association football competition contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), determining the continental champion of Europe.

I was on holiday in Mexico at the time of the tournament so I had to head to the hotel bar to watch the Welsh games. At the pool stages of the competition, Wales were up against old enemies England. It would be England who drew first blood, beating Wales 2-1 when they met head-to-head.
Trigger goes here Things didn’t go all England’s way though and as the pool stages drew to a close, it would be Wales who would top the group should they win their final game against Russia.

I was watching the game downstairs in the bar but as the game was coming to a close, Wales were winning comfortably. Better still, England were failing to win against Slovakia, meaning that Wales would top the group if the scores stayed the same.

I didn’t watch the last 20 minutes of the game however. I knew that if Wales did top the group, a lot of Welsh people would be smug that they’d pushed England down to second place. I also knew that it would be a great time to post something to my WalesOnCraic Facebook page.

So I went to my room and drew up a creative that I’d have ready to post the very second that Wales (hopefully) would top the group.

This is what I created:

Facebook likes

I posted it the second that the final whistle was blown. And as you can see, it had a lot of shares. Even better, I gained over 3,000 Facebook likes in just one day.

Let’s look at why it was so effective at bringing me Facebook likes.

  1. The timing of the post was very relevant. It summarised what a lot of Welsh people would be feeling at that exact moment in time. In a way, it was designed to be shared. I imagined happy Welsh people sharing it with their English friends on Facebook. And because I had anticipated it, and had the creative ready, I was able to share it instantly. It was a shared experience.
  2. Through the sharing process, people became aware of my Facebook page. They realised that I was ‘on their side’ and therefore felt a sense of belonging. Liking my page was the next logical progression to liking the image.
  3. One extra tip is to always include your web address both on the picture and as a link in the description section. You are always likely to pick up some extra traffic that way.

Images can be a powerful way of gaining Facebook likes, as long as you use them correctly. Bear in mind your audience at all times because this is about them.

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