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Picture The Positive was created when I was struggling with my mental health. I needed something to focus on, and writing has always been a hobby of mine, so I decided to set up a personal blog to spearhead my recovery, and the more I wrote, the better I felt!

Social Media is a fantastic tool that connects you with different people from all over the world, but social media isn’t always a reflection of real life. I was so sick of seeing everything so picture perfect on my newsfeed, so I decided to Picture The Positive instead! Picture The Positive is a personal blog that delves into my ups and downs and everything in between as I fight my way through mental illness recovery. Through this journey, I’ve also become incredibly passionate about Mental Health Awareness and campaigning for better treatment and I’m determined to continue to raise awareness through writing about my experiences.

Although this blog focuses on mental health, it’s not just about mental health. I write and about anything and everything, and I love writing about people I meet and the places I go. I also have a passion for photography, and though I’m no expert I still enjoy taking lots of pictures. You can see some of my photography here.

Whatever brought you here, I hope that you enjoy reading!

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