Twin Mummy and Daddy

Twin Mummy and Daddy

Emily Higgins started blogging after the birth of her twin girls.

“My husband and I had IVF and during this time, I kept an online diary of our journey on a fertility forum. After the birth of our twins, I wanted to keep writing about our experiences so I transferred my diary entries onto the blog, and six years later, I’m still blogging!

“The most challenging thing for me is finding the right balance in terms of what I write about and what areas of our life I share online. When I first started blogging, I didn’t think twice about sharing photos of our girls online, but now that they’re older, I’m more aware of their privacy. As such I tend to just share photos of them where you can’t see their faces.

“The satisfaction I get from blogging comes in many different forms. We’ve had some lovely trips as a result of blogging. For example, YouTube invited us to up to London Zoo for the launch of their YouTube Kids App. We’ve also enjoyed theatre trips and days out. Our girls get sent some lovely products to review and I do earn money from it through my writing, which is always a bonus!”

Emily’s blogging has also earned her more than just an income:

“The highlight for me was winning an award in the first year of blogging. I won ‘Best New Blog’ in the Wales Blog Awards 2012. I have been nominated in two categories in the MAD Blog Awards 2013: ‘Blog of the Year’ and ‘Best Baby Blog’. I have been interviewed on the radio about my views on breastfeeding and I have also written a number of product reviews and guest posts.”

Ultimately, Emily’s blog allows her to satisfy her creative side, as well as build up a substantial audience.

“I have always had a passion for writing so my blog is a great way for me to express myself and all my many thoughts and views!”

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