Why your blog is not getting many visits



You’ve spent the best part of your afternoon writing and editing your latest blog post. You nervously hit ‘Publish’ and sit back to await the crowds that are going to throng to your site to read it.

You wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Eventually, defeated, you log out of your blog and make a cup of tea to console yourself.

So what’s gone wrong? Why aren’t people flocking to your blog in their hundreds? If only they could read it, they’d realise how good it is! Where has it all gone wrong? Why are other people’s blogs so much more popular?


Never mind the content. There can be a number of reasons why no one has even clicked on your blog post in the first place. Here are a few:

  1. You haven’t considered who you are targeting your post at. Like selling anything, you need to decide who you are aiming your ‘product’ at. It’s a big old world out there and you really need to decide on your niche. The niche for this post? People who don’t get the visitors they want to their blog. I’ve written it specifically for you.
  2. Your headings and headlines. If you’re hoping to get people to your blog via social media, you’ve got a very limited window in which to hook people into visiting your post. Use questions in your heading to draw people to your site so they can find the answer. Offer them help. Give them value. Check out the headline of this post – what made you click on it? I was speaking directly to you (see Point 1).
  3. Your SEO hasn’t been worked on. If you want someone to come across your blog post organically (ie via a search engine), you’re going to make sure that your post is optimised so that it gets a decent listing. Use keywords in your heading, ones that people are likely to search for. Think backwards – what would YOU type into a search engine to find your blog post?
  4. Does your blog post have a featured image? Some people are more visual than others and as they (whoever ‘they’ are) say – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Use an image that catches the eye and is relevant to your blog post.
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